• Get In The Mood by Peter Baumann

This series was actually my first photoshoot I had ever done, with Peter Baumann, who I met on that day and has remained one of my closest friends ever since.

There was just a natural chemistry the minute we met, I began to take some shots and played music, I moved my body quite rhythmically, and Peter was able to capture all of my sensual movements as I danced around the room, on the floor, and on the bed. He didn’t give me much direction and just let me dance around, clothing shedding off naturally, as it was for fun, but with his magic he captured some of the most beautiful pictures of me I’d ever seen.

We had planned to shoot for 2-3 hours but ended up shooting the majority of the day because we were having too much fun to stop, ideas kept coming and coming, and of course after a sweaty 6 hours shooting, we ended it with a sweet and well-deserved shower.

The chemistry between model/photographer was so strong, we had to meet up just 2 days later to shoot again… and a month later… and so the story goes

Guideline of the series: #art, #emotion, #naturality #fineart #blackandwhite

Know more about this Amazing Photographer at Ig: @monophoness
Model Ig: @valentina.oevel

Story Told by Valentina Oevel


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