• Julia Mofina by Christopher Robert

-How/When did u get into photography?

I’ve been shooting for many years but started with portraits around 3 years ago. I’m a self taught photographer based in Melbourne Australia and lucky enough to be sponsored by Olympus Australia.

My favourite images are the ones that make you feel something, moody, emotive, vulnerable images that you connect with. For me, photography is a release, a creative outlet where I can explore my own feelings and thoughts through my images. I found that women are amazing at conveying mood in images, they can have a softness and vulnerability to them while being strong and powerful at the same time.

As I shot with more and more models, my motivation started to change from not just be an outlet for me but an outlet for them also, giving them an opportunity to express themselves and create something really meaningful together, which in turn lead to them being more confident in themselves.

I love empowering women and while a lot of my work involves nudity, there’s no sexual element to it (or at least there’s not from my point of view) Naked doesn’t always mean sexual and there’s a distinct line between creating something natural and artistic and something that just objectifies and sexualises women.

I’m a big advocate for model safety and appropriate behaviour during a shoot, I hear too many stories these days of shocking behaviour and with a lot of what I shoot, trust and reputation is very important.

-Why did you choose this model to work with?

I first met Julia via Instagram and after a few chats arranged a time to shoot at Julia’s apartment.  I like shooting at models homes if they’re comfortable with it, I find they are more at ease and comfortable in their own surroundings.

I loved Jule’s look and from her IG feed it seemed to fit the kind of style that I look for, that more natural, carefree, comfortable in their skin type of vibe.

-How was to work with her?

Our first shoot went amazing, I had a great feeling about Julia and we connected straight away.  I find some models are just naturally comfortable in front of the camera, it comes easy to them and this was definitely the case with Jules. This was the first of many shoots together and I always loved what we created. She has such a captivating sense about her and I could shoot with Jules all day and never get tired of it.

-Which equipment and light u rather use?

I shoot with 2 Olympus EM1 Mii’s and their range of pro lenses. It’s such amazing gear to shoot with and has really changed the way I shoot, it’s brought a fun aspect back which I love.  I used to shoot with full frame gear but love how light, versatile and smart the Olympus gear is, with image quality being the best I’ve ever had. My go to is natural light, I do shoot some studio also but I love the way natural light changes and keeps you thinking, using the environment to my advantage.

Interview by Monica Scafuro

Guideline of the series: #Careless, #NaturalBeauty #NaturalLight #Beach

Know more about his work at: IG: @_christopherrobert_

Model IG: @juliamofinapitman


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