• Margaux by Dan Wilson

-How/when did you get into modelling? 

I sent a message to Dan (shutterture on instagram, very good photographer), about 1 year ago and I asked him if he was keen to shoot, he said yes so I started with him ! Fun fact : I accidentally smashed a mirror on his head when he came at my place for the shoot.

-If you had to describe yourself in only one word, which one it would be? 


-Tell us about your nicest and your worst experience into this work/hobbie?

I never had bad experience until now!
Only one dude I shoot with a couple of months ago that never really got back to me or edited the photos, not a bad experience but not the best behaviour haha

Best one was probably my first shoot with Chris in a beautiful and massive studio with 3 other models and 2 other photographers. Never experienced studio shoot or kind of real modelling until then and I loved it. The photos came out rad as well!

-Tell us whatever you want MADAREFF’s community to know about you?

You can follow me on instagram for more of my modelling journey!

I’m also launching a website where many of my photos will be available in High Quality print and even puzzle (300 pieces for the fun in lockdown hehe)
The link of the website is available in my bio on instagram or go on margauxdubernet.bigcartel.com

Thanks for the support!
Bisous Bisous


Photographer IG: @danwilson

Model IG: @margauxdubernet


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