• Maria Kn & Misanatsu by Peter Baumann

Peter Baumann as a self taught photographer tries to capture some sort of intimacy in his portraits. He has started out with landscape and wildlife photography 3 years ago and he also tries to convey a sense of freedom in his pictures.

Human beings are distinguished by an individual beauty and there is something special characterizing thoughts, feelings and experiences that are very unique to each and every single person.

Peter took those pictures while being on a round trip through japan and it’s been the first time he worked with 2 girls in front of his camera…

For Madareff this series embodies simplicity, purity and wisdom. So we can be very proud to be able to think outside the box with these images…

Guideline of the series: #longing #intimacy and at the same time #distance.

Inspirations:  Photographers – Peter Lindbergh & Helmut Newton. the world around himself.

Equipment used: Canon 5d Mark IV with 50mm f/1.2 and 24mm-70mm f/4.

Know more about his work at: IG: @monophoness

Models IG: @mariaknmodel / @misanatsu1024


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