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– A minimum of 5 photos for series and 3 photos for interviews as .jpg files. (All photos must be in HD quality)

– All models must be 18 years old and over

– You must own the copyrights of the images you submit

IMPORTANT: Any email correspondence between MADAREFF and the contributor regarding a publication coming from an address other than “madareff@gmail.com” should be marked as fraudulent and disregarded immediately.
Any contact with MADAREFF on Instagram will come from @madareff official instagram account or from @photo_appeal who is MADAREFF’s main partner.

Photographers (Series)

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By submitting your work, you are permitting MADAREFF to display your work on this site as well as on our social networks.

By doing so MADAREFF will not be held liable for the publishing or the selling of any underage models and you will indemnify MADAREFF against any costs or losses it suffers as a result of your breaching this condition.

If you have chosen to offer your photos for the sale of prints through madareff.com, you agree to indemnify Madareff for any legal action related to copyright and image rights.

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