• Désirée Ruiz by Pilar Les

Pilar is one of those photographers you can see so much passion, intuition and dedication popping out of her frames, that instantly you are able to recognize her work from miles away.

In this interview for Madareff magazine she confesses that her interest for photography has began long time ago, when she was only a girl having lots of fun whenever she succeeded to “steal” her Dad’s polaroid to make portraits of her friends.

From those special moments time has passed by and only 5 years ago she has begun taking the subject in a more professional way, cheering up to share her photos on social medias.

So much talent has leaded her nowadays to the special position as a member of the FAF, Andalusian Federation of Photography in Spain and belonging to the “Fórum Fotográfico Association in Marbella”.

For this series she has found Dessy, a model that astonishes us with a unique sweet beauty but at the same time with a powerful and effortless sexiness, able to capture our look for a longer moment. Their partnership could not be more suitable, bringing us here this super results.

Guideline of the series: #Beauty, #Portrait, #Sexiness

Equipment used: Nikon D610 with 85mm f/1.4 and 50mm f/1.4

Know more about her work at: IG: @les_pixeles

Model IG: @desiruiz

Written by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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