• Laura Londono Arcila Interview

-How/when did you get into modelling?:

It’s been my dream since I was a kid. I decided to make that dream come true a year ago and since then I’ve put all my energy towards it.

-If you had to describe yourself in only one word, which one it would be?:


-Tell us about your nicest and your worst experience into this work?:

My nicest experience is always working with true artists together, in order to achieve the most beautiful results. My worst experience is when the team turns out to be unprofessional.

-Tell us whatever you want MADAREFF’s community to know about you?:

I love living my life with all the challenges that help me work harder in order to reach all my goals and see how little by little all my dreams start to come true. The key to happiness is confidence, I believe in myself and the power I have to make things happen.


The expression we have used here on Madareff when we first saw this material from Laura was “wow”, and the term in this case is really applicable, considering the strength and sexy beauty she has presented into this photos.

It remains obvious while seeing her works, her passion about what she is doing and her intensity, revealing that she is really the kind of girl that loves to bring new challenges upon her and to conduct them based on her self assured way to be.

Know more about her at: @lauralonarc

Interviewed by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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