• Athene Rhodes by Phil

When we saw Phil’s work it felt like a breath of fresh air, coming directly from the beach, carrying on amazing good sensations and it really is that what his work is about, not mentioning a sharp commercial look as well.

It remains so obvious that he has much fun and pleasure on what he is doing, that these great “vibes“ go through his images and obviously with whoever is working with him.

Taking advantage of living in a super cool city, Sydney – Australia, he turns the local places like Coogee Beach into his office, relying on the extra beauty that a natural light, some sand and an ocean can bring to a photo.

For this photoshoot he got lucky meeting his model Athene, by a coincidence that she was a housemate with another model he had previously shot earlier on in this summer.

As soon as he saw her he knew right away that she had exactly what he looks for in his style of photography, which is confidence, captivating energy and a natural way to behave in front of the camera creating interesting shapes and looks.

Besides all that he has mentioned to us on this interview for Madareff, that not only Athene’s beauty has caught his attention… He said that what really amazed him about her was the way she seems to be the nicest person ever, always smiling and having fun.

Guideline of the series: #natural, #sunlight, #beach, #beauty, #fun

Equipment used: Canon 5D MIII with 70-200mm f2.8 and 24-70mm f2.8

Know more about his work at: IG: @coogeephotography

Model IG: @athenerhodes

Written by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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