• Intimate Photoshoot by Oleg Kuznetsov

From the few times we have spoken, Oleg has demonstrated a personal interesting characteristic that certainly contributes a lot to the beautiful results he achieves.

He seems very committed but without letting it affect his spontaneity and free acting while shooting. This smart and relax way to conduct the work allows him to take full advantage of the set, its spaces, and its lights on their best variations, guaranteeing a diversified final material.

Based on this attitude a perfect professional tunning is stablished between him and the model, providing confidence to shoot from angles that reveal a charming intimate unique point of view.

In this interview for Madareff he has told that he likes the idea of “stopping the time” and that his interest for photography comes from a long time ago, but only in 2013 he has decided to begin to post his gorgeous results.

For this work he has wisely chosen a model of unique delicate beauty and natural sexy behavior, confessing us that the mood of the session was so great that felt more like a friends meeting than a job.

Among the questions we have made him, he has also mentioned that his preference is to shoot outdoors with natural light, but that in cases of bad weather or during the winter the photoshootings in closed places can be very interesting, even counting on the aid of an external flash to diversify the conditions of light.

Guideline of the series: #Intimacy, #Natural, #Beauty

Equipment used: Canon camera with canon, sigma and Gelios lenses

Know more about her work at: IG: @0leg_kuznetsov

Written by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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