• Taylah Langley by Daniel Wilson

-How/when did you get into photography?
I got into photography about 3 years ago due to the unimpressive photos that I took with a standard point and shoot camera while trekking in Nepal. At this point I was mainly focusing on landscapes and nightscapes. It wasn’t until a year later, a trip to Peru and relocating to Winnipeg, Canada that I have decided to get into portraits.

-Why did you choose this model to work with?
Taylah Langley, I found her on Instagram. I liked her look and contacted her to see if she would like to shoot some candid portraits. She was just getting back into modelling so I thought it would be beneficial on both parts.

-How was it to work with her?
Taylah is a great person! She’s super bubbly and fun. We’ve shot on multiple occasions.

-Where did you shoot her?
These shots were taken close to Mornington Peninsula. Some of the beaches in the area are south facing so they’re good for magic hour morning or night.

-Which equipment and light you rather use?
I shoot with a canon 5Diii and have some Sigma and Tamron lenses. I prefer to shoot with natural light but I also do studio work on occasion.

-Tel us anything else you want to share with our community.
Thank you for the opportunity

Daniel Wilson

Interviewed by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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