• Sara by Mathieu Genechesi

I’m Mathieu from Madareff. I’m pleased to write this new article and make a new series with an amazing model again, specially because nudity is a perfect way to express feelings and emotions, using the body as a tool or an art object. Highlighting the body, with poses, games of shadows and lights, through an artistic vision, makes this area infinite and always fascinating.

For this series, I have chosen to work in a hotel in Paris with Sara.

Sara is 23 years old, she has worked in modelling and showroom and now is working as a manager in the night world. She started posing 3 years ago, and she practiced nude art for 1 year :

“According to me, nudity is a symbol of freedom, it is a form of expression which is both simple and beautiful but also strong. I’m not provocative, I just like what expresses strong sensations. I select my photographers according to their work, but also based on my feelings, allowing the possibility of new relationships and discoveries… I think everyone has something to give and learn from each other. And I like to leave my mark and my personality.”

Sara is enjoying the moment, it is her freedom that makes her happy. She likes to break the rules, and that’s why we like her at Madareff !

Guideline of the series: #numerique, #nudeart, #blackandwhite, #art
Equipment used: Nikon Z6, Lens Z50mm.

Know more about my work at: IG: @mathieu_gsi

Model IG: @sara_n6


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