• Maria Mayorova by Nikolay Ushakov

Instagram has given me the opportunity to meet amazing, interesting, talented photographers around the globe, and definitely one of the greatest persons and artists I have found there was Nick Ushakov from Russia.

Nick has this deep beautiful emotional style, really well elaborated in every aspect or every inch of the image, bringing an explosion of senses to the viewers eyes. The final results are so rich in colors, tones and textures, besides the exactly proper moment of the expressions and light that we can almost say that he did “paint” the photo rather than simply pressed the button.

In our interview for Madareff I was very pleased to know a bit more of his professional development and that his connection with photography has begun long ago during his childhood, when he used to forget about time going through the stacks of black and white family photos. Exactly for this reason – for history, dust and albums – he said that he started to shoot moments, family and friends.

Following a natural course, with the time passing by, he acquired new tools to allow his creativity to flow higher in the post production process, installing and beginning to work with editing programs more or less three years ago.

For Madareff he has presented a series with this unique model, owner of an intriguing beauty, called Maria Mayorova or simply Masha, chosen by him to represent this powerful “female enigma”, besides a great dramatic potential.

Since their first contact, through a partnership group for creative projects, he said they easily adjusted and developed a great work line towards the same direction, taking only a few minutes to warm up at the shooting so that the real “magic” between model and photographer could appear in the set for this great result to arise.

Another main aspect of Nick’s work is that he is a natural light addict, he prefers to take his camera and a couple of lens along to work with the sunlight, and he does love to do street shootings as well.

Finally I cannot fail to mention the most beautiful answer he has given me, which was that, what truly motivates his photography is the fact that, even for a single moment, his pictures can bring happiness or joy into someone’s life.

Guideline of the series: #art, #emotion, #naturality

Know more about his work at Ig: @nick.ushakov_photo
Model Ig: @mashamaus

Written by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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