• Diane Gaubert by Thery Palot

Since the first time we have talked, Thery and I, it was just so great, spontaneous and natural… he is obviously that cool guy, nice to hang out with and this mood shows up in his photography.

It was the first time since I have begun Madareff’s interviews that I truly had this will to go to his place, grab a coffee and sit for long hours to talk about the entire workflow.

Among many nice aspects that I see in his photos, as a youth relaxed sexy eye (with a fashion trace as well), the one that gets me more crazy about is that he prefers to work with analog cameras and develop himself at his home.

And lets be really honest, it is just another world in photography, purely artistic in so many ways, since the choice of the film, the way you click carefully and more assertive and finally the way you develop the film, using different chemistry or time to achieve certain results.

I really have given a bit of work for Thery on this article, because I just wanted to know it all… So he has explained a bit to me of this process, the kind of developer for the certain type of film and that the development is done in three parts (the revelator, the bath of stop and the fixer)… and truly, after I have heard: ” bath with this, rinse with that, finish with that etc”, everything can sound really complex for us that are living in the digital reality.

Among many stunning works he has done, we have decided to present here on Madareff his partnership with Diane Gaubert, a model that has such a perfect “doll” naïve face and at the same time a super sexy body making a perfect powerful striking combination.

By the natural artistic, not retouched results, they have achieved we can see that the photoshoot went on really well, confirming Diane has a good versatility and vision on photography and what she aims to achieve with her work, exactly the same as Thery…

Guideline of the series: #numerique, #analogphotography, #coolsexy, #art
Equipment used: Nikon FE, films:
– ilford: delta 50/100/400/3200; ilford: HP5/FP4 or Kodak: Tmax 100/400

Know more about his work at: IG: @thery_david

Model IG: @d.gbrt

Written by Monica Scafuro – @photo_appeal


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