• Lisa Margaux Maréchal Interview

-How/when did you get into modelling?

I started to pose a little over a year ago now. Since I was young I am passionate about photographers and their talent and it is for me a way to be part of their art.

-If you had to describe yourself in only one word, which one it would be?


-Tell us about your nicest and your worst experience into this work.

My best experience is to have met my darling at the turn of a photo shoot and the worst one was when i had to go in the water in winter! But it was worth it!

-Tell us whatever you want MADAREFF’s community to know about you.

Photography is the best way to express what you feel without saying a word.


Lisa is a very energetic girl and as you know, we love it at Madareff!
Her sparkling side captivated us immediately, that’s why we wanted to discover her universe more deeply.
So, Lisa is a very contemporary model who knows perfectly how to navigate between retro scenes and more modern shootings…

Know more about her at: lisamargaux.fr

IG: @lisaa_margaaux


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