• Julie by Mathieu Genechesi

Photography has been always a special interest in my life, but there was a turning point that has made it become truly my passion. As a young French man, living always in the south part of the country, suddenly I had the opportunity to travel a few times to Iceland and to live for a while in London, where I have met amazing new people and perspectives that have taught and inspired me a lot.

From that moment on I felt the necessity to experience almost all areas in my work, but mainly my “world” is now composed with urban and street shots, unconventional landscapes and artistic nude with models.

When it comes to my shootings with models I feel like it has turned out the perfect way to express so many feelings and emotions, using the body as a powerful tool or even as an art object. The process to naturally highlight the body, and explore it going through a variety of poses and shadow play, somehow has made this area the most fascinating to me.

Since the first time I have talked to @madareff, it was very clear to me that we had a close vision of art and shared the same interest for a more natural refined sexiness, especially when presented in black&white artistic nude photography.

From that point, the series I have made with this amazing model called Julie (@tchoupiiiie) turned out to be the perfect first contribution on this website.

Giving always preference to develop a fine tuning with the models, rather than shoot a lot of girls in a systematic way, I like to discuss and develop together the projects, and in this case it was with common sense that we wanted a delicate series with only natural light, leaving aside the unnecessary.

Story told by Mathieu Genechesi

Guideline of the series: #interior, #coolsexy, #art

Know more about his work at: IG: @mathieu_gsi

Model IG: @tchoupiiiie


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