• Interview : Madeleine M

-How/when did you get into modelling ? 

I have met a photographer on Instagram, I loved his work, and he had already contacted me for a project a few months ago. I finally tried, and that’s what motivated me to start. We did a street session, then a lingerie session in an apartment the same day. I definitely enjoyed this experience, so I decided to continue.

-If you had to describe yourself in only one word, which one it would be? 


-Tell us about your nicest and your worst experience into this work/hobbie ?

I shot naked on Paris ‘rooftops, it was a crazy and out of time experience, I loved it ! I am happy to say that I have not had any really bad experience, I am very selective towards the photographers with whom I work.

-Tell us whatever you want MADAREFF’s community to know about you ?

Initially, I was someone very complexed by myself, and it is through photography that I managed to gain confidence and self-assurance, and learned to love my body and my image. I would like to say to all women to accept themselves as they are, not to dwell on criticisms and prejudices.


Madeleine is very involved in her shootings ! It’s a great quality for a model, she is dynamic and motivated, and we like it!
She has a lot of potential, we can not wait to see her evolution and next projects.

Interview by Mathieu Genechesi

Guideline of the series: #sensitive, #delicacy, #sadness, #art

Know more about her at: IG: @madeleine_modele

Photographer : @olivier_c7506


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