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Anna_Stazya has been a model for almost 3 years. She has begun gradually to take some shootings for fun and discovery, until the day she decided to apply for a photographer’s project. Anna retains the photographer’s attention in a unique way, setting up the beginning of a beautiful rise in her career.

At the beginning she practiced in artistic nude. However, she was only contacted for this type of shootings whereas she wanted to discover other styles and expand her experience. So she decided to stop artistic nude for a while, and to vary as much as possible her work, especially with her boyfriend’s precious help. She experimented with a wide variety of styles, from fashion and portraiture to erotism.
After this short break and thanks to her large diversity of experiences, she has immediately been taken seriously by very good photographers, and was able to continue to progress and move forward in her passion.

She became a model followed and admired. Anna attest that what photography brought her first and foremost, was confidence in herself. She has been able to develop her artistic vision, assert herself, live unique experiences and make great encounters. She advises to cling to your convictions, not to be distracted from your own image, to invest in yourself, and especially to dare ….!
The photo is for her an excellent way of expression and a real moment of freedom.

For a few months, Anna has done herself a lot of treatment of her photos, in order to convey her own vision of art. She loves what is powerful, what gives off, and she likes to make it feel in her pictures through the expressions of her face or the posture of her hands …

She has also recently experimented the other side of the camera.

At Madareff, we love Anna very much. She is an open-minded, humble and interesting person, and her work is beautiful and exudes a lot of emotions! It was a real pleasure to meet her, to exchange and share our common passion.
We hope to carry on this beautiful and professional relationship !

Guideline of the series: #sensitive, #delicacy, #blackandwhite, #art

Know more about her work at: IG: @anna_stazya

Photographer IG: @sfphotographe

Cover picture by @raphael_wicher

Written by Mathieu Genechesi – @mathieu_gsi



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