• Mathilde by Christophe Lapuente

-How/When did u get into photography?

I started photography 9 years ago, I have always observed the human being by his behavior and his postures and therefore my love for portrait photography was born.

-Why did you choose this model to work with?

I found her on Instagram, it was her first time in front of the camera so it was a new experience for her and very interesting for both of us.

-How was to work with her?

She is radiant, stylish, kind, funny and really smart, she is a model of choice to me. During the shoot we laughed and discussed a lot so we spent a great moment of sharing.

-Where did you get it?

These photos were taken on the beaches of Saint-Mandrier sur Mer in South of France (VAR), Atmosphere, Warmth and beautifulness were reunited to make a huge spot.

-Which equipment and light u rather use?

I am on the Canon 5DMIII and the last one the Canon Eos R (A jewel). My favorite focal lengths are 35mm and 50mm, I can’t work without it.
I usually work in natural light, the sun makes me vibrate. Beside that I do indoor shoots as well, i am open minded and I love to learn new stuffs.

-Tell us whatever you want MADAREFF’s community to know about you?

Thanks for everything. <3 Christophe.

Photographer IG: @christophe_lapuente

Model IG: @__edlitam


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