• Laura by Julian Schröpel

2016 I got a message from Julian. He saw something in me and asked if we could shoot together. Me, modeling? You know, I’ve never been that nervous in my life… But oh man how many opportunities that brought me later on. Like I want to believe in: Always say yes to new opportunities. To new people. Because you never know how much magic it will bring into your life. I still thank Julian for this.

2019, sipping coffee in the cold weather. It is suppose to be summer, ha! Taking photos half naked. Freezing. I was loving this shoot. I feel free when I get to pose in nature feeling the water on my skin and getting in touch with it all. My happy place. Where the hell did these years go though? Both of us living overseas pretty much the whole planet between us and now suddenly living in the same city. Meeting up again. Still one of my favourite photographers!

We are talking. Talking how you have to go far to see close. To actually realize the beauty of a place. Beauty of people. Isn’t it funny what it does to a person: stepping into the unfamiliar. We were both living away from our homes, away from the familiar and safe environment. Now both being back in Finland, happier than ever. Creating together again. Going further, changing the environment and giving space just for yourself means so much realizing; what is important to one’s soul. A lot of realizing about your own mind, your own self. Like the first ever photoshoot with Julian. That was definitely something out of my comfort zone.

I started missing my beautiful home in Finland whilst living abroad. I think Julian started missing this silly country too. The serenity. The nature. Coming to a realization that it is not just about the place, it is the comfortability in your own skin and your own mind. The freedom it brings you when you are happy what you’ve got and who you are. And the people. The people make the place feel like home.

Laura Kiviaho.

Photographer: IG: @simbayu

Model IG: @laurakiviaho


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